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4th Feb 2013Posted in: The Blog 0
Complete Control for iPhone and iPad

At this point, there are probably no less than a dozen solutions for using your iphone/ipad as a control device. Many of the solutions are stand-alone processors that turn your idevice into a universal remote control. Other solutions are add-on apps designed to supplement a dedicated Universal remote control. I would never suggest using your iPhone or iPad as your only remote control, but it makes an incredibly convenient secondary remote because you usually have it by your side at all times.


Very clean, clear and well organized design of the app makes it very user-friendly.

Almost every AV receiver brand has an app to control the device from your iphone/ipad. Now TV’s and blu-ray players do as well. While this may seem cool, it is not very user-friendly to have to switch back and forth between apps to control all of your AV gear.

If you already have one of our URC remote controls such as the MX-880, MX-900, MX-980, MX-5000, etc we can change your MRF-260 or MRF-350 RF base-station out for the MRX-1 network/RF base-station and give you the added benefit and convenience of iphone/ipad control.
If you are interested in a more robust two-way control system for whole-house music, security, lighting, automation, and video look at the Total Control system by URC.

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