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Wireless AC Routers….Very Fast Indeed!
21st Mar 2014Posted in: The Blog 0

802.11AC: If you have purchased a router in the last 10 years then you are probably familiar with 802.11G or 802.11N but the new player on the block is 802.11AC. AC is not only a faster wireless standard, in some cases, it has been shown to be faster than some wired connections. The real reason […]

The Optoma LED 3D Projector is here
10th Mar 2014Posted in: The Blog 0

  Optoma HD91 LED Projector This new reasonably priced LED projector from Optoma has an amazing picture and with an astounding 20,000 hour bulb life making it the first projector bulb that you may never need to replace. It also turns on almost instantly unlike a standard DLP projector.   ┬áCall Atlanta Integrated Systems at […]