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College Bowl and Superbowl: Time for an upgraded BIG Screen TV or Projector
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College Bowl and Superbowl: Time for an upgraded BIG Screen TV or Projector

A multi-puppose media room is a great option for a football gathering

Well, the college football regular season always comes to an end much too quickly for me, and let’s not even get into the State of the BCS versus playoffs, etc. Whether you are getting ready to watch the NCAA bowls or the NFL playoffs and Superbowl (or both like me), there is no better way to enjoy the games than on a BIG(GER) Screen.

Almost everyone has a flat screen TV these days but the latest LED’s and Plasma displays can put many 5 year old LCD TV’s to shame. Even if there weren’t  improvements in picture quality, you can get a much larger screen 60″, 70″ 80″ or even a 120″ projector and screen for prices of what you paid for a screen half that size just a few years ago. So regardless of what Clark Howard tells you, a flat screen is not a flat screen. There are many great features available on some brands and models that are not available on your cheapest Big Box TV.

My favorite 60″ LED is the Samsung UN60ES7500. At under $2,500 it is loaded with features, ultra-thin at 1.2″  and an ultra-slim bezel,  incredible picture quality and mounted on the wall, it looks absolutely amazing.

On the plasma side, I really like the Panasonic TC-P65ST50. At around $2,300 it is a good deal and the picture is phenomenal. Of course it has 3D if you want that feature and with a 600Hz refresh rate you don’t have to worry about changing picture modes when you switch from movies to sports watching.

If size is what matters to you then check out the Sharp 70″ LC-70LE847U or the 80″ LC-80LE844U at $2,999 and $4,899 respectively. You can definitely watch the games in style and be the envy of your friends.

If 80″ still isn’t big , enough we also have the Sharp 90″ LC-90LE745U (Call for pricing).

A better choice for a larger than 70″ screen might be to go for a front projector.

One of my favorite entry level projectors has to be the Optoma HD8300. At around $2,900 without the screen, you can easily fill a 130″ screen. Right now, we are offering a free 92″ screen with a qualifying purchase and we can easily upgrade to a 110″ or 120″ screen at a nominal cost.

No matter what your choice, give Atlanta Integrated Home a call. We can have you set up in a hurry with the video display of your choice and full surround sound for a complete viewing experience.





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