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Two-Way Control for the Home
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Two-Way Control and Automation
As we all know, technology changes quickly. One of my favorite technology advances is two-way control. What this means is that you aren’t just blindly pushing a button on a remote control anymore but you now have interactive control because when you push a button, you get feedback from the remote so you see what is happening. Two-way has been around a few years in one form or another but as most technology it has advanced and has become more user-friendly. It is especially convenient in multi-room audio applications. It has been common for years to have an in-wall volume control on the basic level or a remote control or in-wall keypad to control the music throughout the house. So you start the music and go to the deck or the kitchen to turn up the volume. Then when you want to change the song or the source you go back to the source, make the change then back to the listening area to hear the music. If you are lucky enough to have a keypad in the listening area and can change the source, you push a button to change the source and hope that what you choose starts playing….Well times have changed.
With two-way control, you can have an In-wall keypad, handheld remote control, or ipad/iphone control of your music right in the palm of your hand. You can have complete control of your ipod music or your entire itunes/Windows Media library. In addition, with a media streaming device, you can control Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, and 100’s of Internet radio stations in the same manner.
The fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to music, you can have two-way control of climate, security, security camera feeds and lighting control from any room in the house or across the globe.

Scalability – This is one of the best features of the system because as much as the system will do, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can start out with one room or you can start off with music in multiple rooms and add lighting and climate control later.

Make your devices work together as a system – set a timer so your lights come on and your favorite Pandora station starts playing as you wake up in the morning.

A simple solution to control everything from anywhere – From one remote control or from your iphone/ipad you can control everything.

Create a more convenient and energy efficient home – set a timer for lights to come on at dusk and to go off at bedtime. When you walk in the house from work, push a button to turn the lights on to a pre-determined “scene” and the music or TV to come on.
Enhance security and keep a close watch on your home – With the lights on a schedule, lights will come on and go off to give the appearance that someone is home even if you are miles away.

Atlanta Integrated Home can design a system that is right for you.

Watch the video below for a system overview.


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